Residence collection

Residence 7 windows & doors

Residence 7 is here to inspire you in your journey to create your dream home. Beautifully flush inside and out, available in a range of maintenance-free finishes and a variety of styles, it is versatile without complication.

Elegantly flush sash exterior and interior gives the R7 its chic modern appearance and versatility to be used for both contemporary new builds and traditional British homes alike.
All glass sight-lines are perfectly equal providing symmetry for a timeless kerbside appeal.

Residence 7 has 7 chambers and is 75mm wide, resulting in superior thermal, acoustic, strength and security performance. Designed to accommodate ‘energy efficient glazing’ this term is used to describe double glazing or triple glazing used in modern windows. Residence 7 has options for 28mm double glazing or 44mm triple glazing. The glazing bead is always on the inside which also contributes to a higher security performance.

Intelligently designed with an ‘easy-clean’ frame rebate, open your windows or doors and simply wipe clean, no sharp corners or deep grooves attracting dirt. We also have a variety of coloured bases, as an example; choose Eclectic Grey inside and out, you get a dark grey rebate to match! 

A uniquely clever design, for modern living.

Residence 9 windows & doors

Residence 9 is a window and door system designed to authentically replicate 19th Century timber designs.
The traditionally elegant flush exterior and stylish decorative interior create that classic aesthetic.

Residence 9 is proud to be designed and made in the UK. It was created with the enduring  designs of British architecture in mind and has many bespoke options that can satisfy a range of homes from the grandeur of stately homes, to the solid good looks of Georgian and Victorian, right through to the present day.

Residence 9 is an eclectic blend of traditional aesthetics and innovative design. Whatever period your property is we know your Residence 9 windows and doors will look great, as we copied historical design and considered conservation guidelines, which authentically replicate the traditional timber sightlines. You’ll immediately notice the benefits of the thermally efficient 9 chamber design and modern glazing, whilst retaining the character of your home, traditionally transformed by Residence 9.

Residence 2 windows & doors

Residence ² is squared and bold, for the contemporary home.
Beautifully flush outside, with a defining square detail inside, it is available in a range of maintenance-free finishes and a variety of styles.

It’s bold and contemporary, with a deep square edge internally. Residence ² is maintenance free and is the modern designer window for your home.

R² is the ultimate window for your property, the perfect combination of modern materials and contemporary, functional styling. All glass sight-lines are perfectly equal providing symmetry, complementing the square edges.


Your windows will exude sophisticated elegance with the Romatopola Monkey Tail or Pear Drop designs.
Available in a range of nine exclusive finishes, the Romatopola hardware is both attractive and practical.
Choose from working butt hinges or dummy butt hinges, both provide an authentic kerbside appearance in exquisite ironmongery.